Perfection is not the end goal. Connection is.
Chat with the Pastor

Video conversations with special guests from different Christian denominations throughout the world.

Lenten Retreats

Retreats focused on three different, yet connected steps of our spiritual path: prayer, fasting, and charity.

The First Gospel

Video Course about the Spiritual Journey outlined in Mark's Gospel to follow Jesus and become true disciples.

Advent Retreats

Retreats focused on Jesus' childhood according to the Gospel of Luke.

The Angels in the Bible

Video course to discover the way in which Angels help you, according to the Bible.

Sunday Gospel Messages

Two-minute informal, inspiring, motivational videos with a short biblical meditation for everyone.

The Groom's Easter

The icon found in the place of Christ’s crucifixion at Mount Calvary, showing Jesus at the end of his trial in front of Pilate, features a surprising quote: “Here is the groom!” Listen to what Fr. Gianni has to say about that!

“Proclaim the Word, be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient.”

2 Timothy 4:2