About us

We affirm that each baptized person is an equal member of the Catholic Church.
Catholic, Not Roman

1. To welcome all and provide a sense of belonging in our open and loving Faith Community.

2, To support a clerical team that is diverse and which embraces a servant's ministry.

3. To offer a liturgy that is authentic, fulfilling, and Holy Spirit-inducing, while offering the Eucharist to all at Christ's table.

4. To work toward racial and social justice, and reach out to those in need, as expressions of our faith.

As an independent Catholic Church, we invite all to experience and share God's unconditional love.

Our Mission Statement

More and more people are realizing that leaving the Roman structure is not leaving Catholicism. Although we are independent of Rome and part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC), our authentic Catholic identity is rooted deep within us. In fact, as we embrace our Catholicism in our worship, thoughts and actions, we find ourselves returning again and again to reflect on its profound mysteries. The sacraments color all parts of our lives, empowering us and transforming how we experience the ordinary as well as the extraordinary in our daily living.

When you visit Holy Angels in Orange County, you will see that our faith rests firmly on Scripture: we affirm the Nicene Creed; we trace our origins to the Apostles of Jesus Christ; we celebrate the seven sacraments; we venerate and have devotions to the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary; and, of course, we believe that we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. We celebrate traditional Catholic funerals, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, memorials, rosaries, novenas, and quinceañeras.

However, you will notice distinctives like the welcoming of ALL people, regardless of denomination, marital status, race, sexual identity or gender status. ALL baptized people are welcome to Holy Communion.  Our laity, as well as our priests and other clergy, are a diverse group. You will meet former Protestants seeking a deeper sacramental life through our Catholic traditions and worship. You will meet cradle Catholics energized by the Vatican II renewals and wondering what the future holds. You will meet those most eager to sustain ancient practices and those most eager to create a new church – and many seeking to do both at once. We embrace the journey. We do not regard uncertainty and skepticism about religion as a barrier, but as an invitation to conversation. Finally, our Catholic spirituality arises from the conviction that Christ can be found in our world and our everyday life. God’s grace is present here and now, and it makes us more fully alive, more fully human. Our Christian identity does not replace our natural, human identity, but builds upon it and ultimately completes it.

This is a return to the early Church. Our great prophetic call is one of inviting Catholics to realize the richness of their roots and inviting Protestants and any who do not yet have a faith community into the sacramental mysteries of the church. We have become, and we invite you to explore, the community of Ecumenical Catholics, where an ancient faith is being practiced for a new day.

Our Guiding Values

Holy Angels independent Catholic Church is part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC), Diocese of California, and is an authentic Catholic Church.

All are welcome!
“May they all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you.”

John 17:21